Curiosity about life in all of its aspects, I think, is still the secret
of great creative people.

Work Experience

Me (far right) with the webby award for (a Web Philippines brand), I was the design lead at the time.

Do What You Love

My career in web design began 2000 at Web Philippines Inc., I was mainly doing front-end work translating client requirements into a usable interface and page layouts using Photoshop then slicing them in Image Ready and then creating static pages and templates thru Dreamweaver. After that, I handed over my static pages to the developers for them to insert their PHP and Java Script codes and work their magic. Happy as I was doing purely creative work then, I always wanted to learn programming.

On my desk at Accenture Manila Delivery Center.

On my desk at Accenture Manila Delivery Center.

The opportunity came late 2003 when I was hired by Accenture as a junior software engineer and was trained in an in-house Oracle Retail/RETEK boot camp. This was the start of a long break from web work – in hindsight, I always knew I would return to my first passion I just didn’t exactly know when. Even if I was employed full-time then, whenever time permits, I moonlighted with web designing. I managed to get a client or two every year. Doing web work allowed me to mix both creative and technical work which I always found most fulfilling.

my IBM team mates

Me (seated front) and my team mates for the Myer account of IBM.

Seven years later, I finally made the decision to come back to what I always wanted to do. After I left Accenture 2011, I spent some time to refresh skills and study PHP/MySQL/Javascript, SEO & JQeury and begin freelancing. It may seem that I taken the long road but it was worth it – I’m bringing with me knowledge of the methodologies and software engineering practices of two renowned IT organizations.


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