A WordPress theme that can be reused
for multiple sites via child themes


wordpress theme conversion + child themes

Applewood needed to convert the HTML mockups of three of their sites – each into a  fully working WordPress theme that supports banner ads. The three mockups shared a common layout with each theme only sporting a different logo and color scheme.

For some projects, a blank theme like Starkers will be the quickest to work with because it allows me to easily apply the client’s markup structure so they can re-use the css of their mockups when they create new child themes in the future

The base theme along with the three child themes

Parent & Child ThemesCreate three child themes that share a common parent theme.  I first created a parent theme to be shared by the three sites and then made a corresponding child theme for each – with each child theme having its own style sheet to override the default styles of the parent.

A blank theme worked best as the base for the new parent theme, I was able to fully incorporate the clients own markup structure much quicker and allowed me to re-use the stylesheets used in the mockups with just small alterations when creating the child themes.

The use of a parent theme will subsequently allow for easier upgrades and maintenance for any changes that impacts all of the child themes in the future.

Banner Advertising

WP-Bannerize Plugin

The themes were delivered with WP Bannerize support included to allow them to setup and manage banner ads in specific areas of the page.  I added built-in support for this plugin in the templates specifically for the header banner so the client will not have to worry about how to place the banner ad in that section – but rather just specify what ad goes to the page header area using the plugin settings page.

Custom CodeThey also wanted their themes to display the name of the last commenter and the date the comment was posted as well as the total number of comments for every particular post.

To meet this requirement, I had to create a custom function and call it within the existing WordPress loop.

Their mockups came with a unique comment bar beneath each post which required additional coding work

Custom Templates I  created separate templates for the about-us, contact us and FAQ sections because each of those sections displays a custom graphic beside the page title.

Custom Templates


Letter Format Online Theme

Live Cricket Scores Theme

Live Cricket Streaming Online Theme