helped a client transition to a new
e-commerce system and fix a few performance bugs


wordpress maintenance + cart66 integration

Heron Dance Art Studio, a non-profit literary and art studio was temporarily without their in-house web developer and needed help with:

  • Move from Infusionsoft e-commerce to Cart66,
  • Mailchimp setup,
  • Fix a slow gallery page, &
  • Transfer to a new hosting provider

Project ManagementAs the tasks that needed to be done started to pile up, I decided to setup a process to manage and organize them and ensure that important information like estimates, statuses and actual hours used  is always updated and visible to the client since this project was billed by the hour.

To make things efficient,  I created a spreadsheet and broken down large tasks into manageable steps and indicated the time estimate to complete the task and its current status which was color coded to make it easy to read. Regular status calls via Skype also helped the client to stay on top of the project’s progress, be aware of any issues and costing estimates.  The process was highly appreciated by the client because it ensured that every billed hour is accounted for and each accomplished task was easy to verify.  The process also allowed the client to easily manage the work  plans because he was able to add and cancel tasks as he saw fit and post questions via the shared spreadsheet.


A item details page with cart66 add to cart button

Cart66 WorkI  removed all Infusionsoft references like add-to-cart links, subscription links and calls to infusionsoft plugins and in some cases replaced them with Cart66 counterparts.  The navigation bar was also modified to include the Cart66 shopping cart.  The navigation bar, shopping cart and checkout pages were styled according to client preferences.

I also organized their inventory of paintings and removed items that were already sold but were still on their list. I configured each one of the “one-off” paintings in Cart66 to automatically display “out of stock” once its sold to avoid inadvertently selling any painting twice.  I created and setup an developer account during the testing phase and replaced if with the actual one was shortly upon go-live.


Gallery Page Work The sites’ gallery of paintings also needed fixing because it was unusably slow. Large un-onptimized images mainly contributed to the slowdown. So I re-sized almost all of the photos of the paintings to ensure that  each one loads quickly without sacrificing image quality.  I also created the details page per painting which shows a larger photo of the painting along with its title, dimensions, pricing and the cart66 add-to-cart button.


Mailchimp Widget for free journal registration

Mail Chimp IntegrationHerondance previously used Constant Contact to manage and send their marketing emails to both their paid and free subscribers, as part of their move to MailChimp, I removed all references to constant contact and customized a signup widget on the footer of the site so visitors can signup for the free newsletter and linked this to its corresponding mailing list.  I also helped design and setup the headers of the MailChimp opt-in emails.


Go Live & Hosting TransferMajority of the changes above were all initially staged in the client’s dev environment and as the revised site went live, the old site was taken down and  replaced by the dev site.

This go live activity was also scheduled to co-inside with the hosting transfer to host-gator.  As a precaution, I setup a duplicate of the current site as part of the transfer activity so that if the new site experienced problems visitors can be re-routed to the duplicate site temporarily.  During this time, I worked alongside the hosting company’s tech support to ensure that all files were successfully transferred and that the WordPress database move was in order.   The go live and transfer activity was completed without any major issues.