A theme that has flexible top
and bottom navigation options


wordpress theme conversion

PromoSimple needed a WordPress theme that looked very similar to their web application.  The custom WordPress theme’s look must be consistent with the main site such that the look is maintained when users navigate away from the main web application to the company’s WordPress blog and then back.

The HTML mockups provided by the client greatly helped in achieving the integrated look.  Using the default twentyeleven theme as the base code allowed me to focus my work effort on the styling of the theme and since twentyeleven is already a complete theme in itself, I no longer had to re-invent everything else from scratch.

I did some extensive PHP/HTML/CSS modifications to incorporate PromoSimple’s top and bottom navigation style and made sure it was customizable via the menu admin page and the widget admin page. Then I removed twentyeleven admin options and pages that were no longer needed. The custom theme was delivered fully branded to the client.

I also prepared a brief document to guide the site’s administrator on how to customize the top and bottom navigation.


Visit their blog: blog.promosimple.com.

Providing the HTML mockup code will ensure a much a faster conversion and will definitely produce a theme that looks exactly like the mockup

PromoSimple Guide (PDF)

The PromoSimple WordPress theme