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The Monheim Group

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Logo of Monheim DistributorsIn 2007, I was hired by the Monheim Group, to re-design their website. Their distribution company has a coverage of over 900 supermarkets, over 2,000 groceries & 3,000 drugstores and more – distributing the products of some of the country’s major brands. They wanted the site to showcase the size and potential of their company by showing the various teams and sub companies that make up the organization – it was identified as a key factor in attracting big local or international principals seeking a distributor with a wide reach and ample manpower. I was tasked to find a way to present this effectively while ensuring that the resulting navigation structure is easy to figure out.

They also wanted to give their target audience a more visual representation of their size and reach alongside the supporting key facts and figures. So it was an important challenge in this project to translate their coverage numbers and geographic reach into something visual while offering some interactivity. I was handed a spreadsheet containing details per distribution company with each company servicing one to several principals with each principal having further details like: coverage areas, various types of customers and market segments – the visual translation was up to me.

A big task for me in this project was to ensure clear understanding of the industry specific information provided by the client and to accurately translate those into something that their target audience will appreciate in a manner that is easy to interact with, read and navigate.

To accomplish that task, I frequently consulted with the client, asked clarifying questions and suggested ideas.

Through these consultations, we came up with the approach of presenting the audience with a page for each distribution company and on each page is a country map and underneath the map are the principals serviced by that particular distribution company.

The distribution company details was designed to be visual while still showing key figures (tables in left column)

The organization tree was designed to be easy to navigate and only three levels deep maximum.

We wanted a corporate look but is easy on the eyes and highlights content not design.

When a principal is selected the geographic coverage and key client data is shown as well as market segments served is displayed.

For the organization hierarchy, the approach was to use an org tree showing the three major operating groups and their sub groups. To make the structure easy to navigate and understand, only the three major operating groups are initially click-able and only when a major operating group is selected will the audience be able to see the underlying groups all shown on a single page to show how each of the ten sub companies fit in the structure.

The front end design features and ethereal treatment to the company colors while maintaining a corporate feel.

All companies under Monheim group are visible in this page, accessible on the second level to avoid overwhelming the reader.

All companies under Monheim group are visible in this page, accessible on the second level to avoid overwhelming the reader.