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As a distributor myself, I needed a website to invite individuals to start their own business by becoming VMobile product distributors by showing informative articles and videos. I also needed the site to be able to take inquiries and orders with option to pay via credit card.

Urban and upbeat design treatment that incorporates the VMobile elements

Design ConceptThe site’s design concept is inspired by the idea of modern money,  because for usapang negosyo, the idea is to help people start their own small business by offering a service that is inherently digital and tied to technology: mobile prepaid load.

Green and circular shapes were chosen as the predominant color and design accents because Filipinos often associate them with money but with a slightly modern and youthful twist: lime green. The urban design treatment was chosen to make it appealing to the youth crowd and to connect with the product’s predominantly urban market.

It was important that the VMobile visual identity merge with usapang negosyo’s design:  purple, green and the line art graphic element found in VMobile’s site needed to be present in the design to maintain visual link between the site and VMobile’s brand.

Cart66The decision to integrate cart66 lite became the practical choice because there is no licensing cost and it easily integrates with my Paypal account which I have already been using for years. Being experienced with cart66, integration was quick and easy, I also like cart66 because works well with almost any template.

The VMobile visual style makes use of vivid colors, and has a look that is upbeat and appealing to the youth. Usapangnegosyo had to have these elements as well so the audience will perceive the visual link between the two.

Forms IntegrationVisual Form Builder was the plugin of choice for the ordering and contact forms because it allows email notification to both the site administrator and to the individual who filled-in the form, we both get an email copy of the accomplished form. This becomes increasingly important so I get to keep an opt-in evidence for the newsletter subscription . A copy of the form data is also saved to the database and can easily be exported into a CSV file for record keeping and import into an email marketing service.

Theme Customization WorkThe theme used for this project was called Carmen, which had to be extensively customized to include new backgrounds, colors, and a flash-based slider called Piecemaker which was more visually appealing compared to the default one that came with the theme.

I opted to remove the provisions for advertising from the options page and templates because I didn’t need the functionality. All-in-all there were significant amount of html/css and php code changes so the theme would fit my needs.

The Cart66 checkout form features easy Paypal integration and is also easy on the eyes and plays well with most themes.

Visual Form Builder plugin allows for easy storage and export of filled-in data.

I branded the theme options page and trimmed the options down to the ones I needed.










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