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Services – WordPress Clinic

Bring your WordPress site back to good health.

Is your WordPress site getting unusably slow or suddenly stricken with an unexplainable malady like blank pages, broken formatting after ‘fixing’ something? Do you want to upgrade your WordPress engine but you are unsure if it will ruin your site or were you trying to install a much needed plugin but it wasn’t playing nice with the rest of your installation?

Or simply if you have no time to diagnose and fix the issues yourself you can hire me to do the hard work for you.


I will fix your site using my safe method below:

    1. Provide me with a list of all issues you want fixed.
    2. I will asses your site if I can fix it successfully.
    3. If yes, upon your approval I will backup the critical WordPress components (i.e. database, all plugins, css files, your theme & pertinent PHP modules) of your site to my development server.

[tooltip content="This ensures that any attempt to diagnose and fix the issue will not risk causing further issues to your site as well as to test if the problem is with your hosting provider." url="" ] Why[/tooltip]

    1. I will recreate the issue locally.
    2. If issue is replicated, I will diagnose issue and send a work estimate with price quote.
    3. Upon deposit, I will begin fixing issue. If issue is successfully fixed, I will inform you how many hours it took to fix and what type of files were fixed and send you the total remaining balance. A screen capture video will be provided so you can evaluate the fix – and upon full payment we will proceed with next step.
    4. I will upload the fixed copy of the site on my server and make it accessible to you via a private URL where you can further review and test for up to a week

[tooltip content="This will allow your more time to test the fixed version of your site without impacting your live site" url="" ] Why[/tooltip]

  1. Once you finally approve of the fix, then I will apply it to your site.



Below is a list of the deliverables you can expect if you avail of the WordPress Clinic service:

  • Free 1 month warranty upon go-live to fix in-scope issues
  • Access to a secured client page where you can freely download your site backup and a backup of the fixed copy of your site
  • Access to the eurekapoint helpdesk site where you can efficiently log and track any issue/question you may have during production or during the warranty period
  • High level report of the changes made to fix the issue
  • Upon request upgrade the WordPress engine (for free)
  • Tune up the WordPress engine to ensure best performance